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We’ve hunted all over the world, and yet we’ve still not found anyone who is more passionate about making women feel beautiful, empowered & prepared to conquer absolutely anything, than our Magnificent founder, Andrea.

Andrea has always been a creative rebel – starting at a young age, when she painted her parents’ walls with red lipstick (well, no one was as excited about that as she was) and customized all of her clothes, because nothing was ever perfect or unique enough.
Hungry for life & adventure Andrea started 

her first creative business right after graduating from school in Germany. The passion for fashion & the excitement of being a woman in this world soon sparked a fire, bursting into a career as the founder of several businesses, traveling the world and finding her inspiration in cities such as Zurich & New York City.
Her drive to create beautiful fashion & accessories for women gets fueled every single day by YOU! That‘s right, all of you incredible Superwomen living your everyday life with passion and rocking each moment as you do with so much power & beauty.

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