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Modern Superwomen are the inspiration behind everything we design, because this is the moment for us to conquer the world with individuality, strength & femininity – while having the time of our lives!

Magnificent was born out of a daydream, the sum of countless impressions Andrea collected over the years while hunting for the signature Must-Haves that now fill her own  closet.
Lying awake, jetlagged (she just returned from a trip to her 2nd home, New York), an idea came to her, quickly melting into one big goal with her childhood dreams. Ignoring this dream was absolutely


not an option, so she went for it.
The weeks and months that followed were filled with lots of designing, little sleep, and a fair amount of wine while working on making her dream a reality.

Why do we do what we do? Because simply love supporting strong & independent women (our “Superwomen”), who rock their life & career with style. We really hope some of the Must-Haves we design will make your life a bit easier, more exciting and, of course, more beautiful. Every single one of you is a part of what inspires us and that makes you a significant part of our Magnificent movement.


Our Design Studio

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Our Design Studio
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Incredibly passionate about fashion & the life of modern Superwomen, that’s what describes us best.
Please say “hi,” let us know what you think, or hang with us sipping some cocktails while discussing the latest trends in fashion or how to conquer the world.

Andrea Langer

Founder & CEO

Andrea has been a creative entrepreneur for over 13 years, and as the Superwoman behind Magnificent, she makes sure that everything – from design to customer service – is executed to perfection.

Madame Mim

Mascot & Fashion Wizard

Mim is our supervisor extraordinaire and makes sure everyone gets enough fluffy snuggle breaks during the day. Favorite hobbies: Talking & pushing things from tabletops.