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Website launch – YES!

By Andrea

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Website Launch - YES!

We are SO extremely excited to finally launch our Website today, YES! 
It has been over a year since we started working on taking this from an idea to a visual experience for everyone out there. So today I’d like to welcome you to our little Magnificent world and invite you to take a look around to explore our page.
It is not only the launch of our website but also the day we introduce “Collection Noir”, our first handbag collection, to the public. It has been a wild ride over the past couple of months with all ups and downs you can imagine, but I can proudly say that I am beyond happy to see everything coming together like this. Now you can follow us here on our blog and peek behind the scenes, shop our handbags, watch videos & fashion films and so much more. During the next couple of weeks I will also introduce you to each of our bags separately and talk a bit about my inspiration and why I designed them the way they are. So keep an eye out for this, going to be cool!
As this is really one of my dreams coming true, I cannot wait what 2017 has in store. So we will end this year with a bang and rock the new one like none before!
Before I leave you to check out everything I’d like to take a minute to thank the people, who are taking this wild ride with me, for all of their time, support & love! My parents, who always believe in my big out-of-this-world ideas | Melissa from The Fashion Potential, who is an insanely inspiring support and friend | Syed, who took my ideas and transformed them into html, CSS and all of that crazy stuff to build this website | all of my models & fellow creatives, who joined me in creating fantastic photos & videos | my fluffy cat Madame Mim, who joined me in countless hours in front of my computer | and so, so many others along the way. Even just a nice word or inspiring thought helped build all of this, so thank you all from the bottom of my heart <3
And now – lets pop bottles & clink glasses, join us in celebrating this fantastic day and leave us some feedback (we’d always appreciate that!)

Cheers to you & Magnificent!
XO Andrea

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